Ultrasonic Water Mister Atomizer/Fogger for Fountain Pond Halloween Hydroponics


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New Ultrasonic Water Mister Atomizer/Fogger for Fountains, Ponds, Hydroponics & More

Unveil a touch of magic in your water features with this brand new Ultrasonic Water Mister. This is an ideal piece of equipment for indoor or outdoor fountains, ponds, hydroponic systems, or even office settings, adding a mesmerizing mist effect. Despite being brand new and never used, it’s priced competitively at below the typical retail price of $20.

This easy-to-operate ultrasonic mister uses no heat or chemicals. Instead, it applies ultrasonic technology to create a stunning foggy ambiance while also helping to filter out unpleasant odors. This makes it a unique and efficient addition to your spaces.

The unit is crafted from high-quality alloy for durability and a long service life. It has self-protective properties ensuring it can handle consistent use. The cable provided is approximately 130cm (or 4.3 feet) long, allowing flexibility in positioning.

The ultrasonic mister operates at a power of 24V 2A and can function at temperatures between +1℃ and 45℃.

Important considerations for use include keeping the mister upright when switched on and limiting its daily usage to less than 10 hours. Users are advised not to touch the atomizing slice while the device is operating and always switch off the power before movement or maintenance.

Your purchase will include:

1 x Ultrasonic Water Mister Atomizer (Power supply included)

Whether you’re an enthusiast of indoor/outdoor water features, or you manage hydroponic setups, this ultrasonic water mister is a fantastic tool to enrich your environment with a captivating mist effect. Get it now and add a hint of intrigue to your space!


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