RFID Keyfob 13.56MHz Key Fob Tag Token NFC for Access Control – US SHIP! 5PCS


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RFID Keyfob 13.56MHz Key Fob Tag Token NFC for Access Control 5PCS
This is an RFID keyfob designed for RFID access control applications. It should work without a problem with any RFID receiver designed for the same frequency. This should be a suitable replacement for any RFID system with programmable access control which operates on the same frequency. 
NOTE: These are not programmable or cloneable. Please do not buy these with intention of programming the code, they can only be used with the permanent code that is already written to these fobs.
NOTE: Actual fobs received may differ from the picture slightly, including not having the code printed on the fob.
Primary Integrated Circuit S50 Compatible
Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
Communication Speed 106 kilobaud
Operating Temperature -20 to +85 Degrees C


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