Jumper Wire Dupont Line Female to Female Arduino Breadboard PIC AVR 20pcs 20cm


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20pcs 20cm Female-to-Female Dupont Jumper Wires for Arduino, Breadboard, PIC, AVR – US Shipping Today!


This is a set of 20 female-to-female Dupont jumper wires, each 20cm long. They are compatible with breadboards, Dupont connectors, and pin headers, and come in an assortment of 10 different colors. You will receive two of each color, for a total of 20 pieces. These jumper cables are perfect for use in Arduino, AVR, PIC, and other small electronics projects.

Note: We cannot accommodate requests for specific colors at this time.


  • Color: Assorted
  • Length: 20CM (12in)
  • Connector 1: Female Dupont
  • Connector 2: Female Dupont
  • Insulation Material: PVC


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