Hydrofarm Autopilot Digital CO2 Hydroponic Controller APCECOD-BNKR-A


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Hydrofarm Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller (APCECOD-BNKR-A) – Fully Operational & Great Condition

Maximize the potential of your indoor garden with this used Hydrofarm Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller (APCECOD-BNKR-A). Despite being pre-owned, this controller is in excellent condition and is fully operational. A new unit typically retails for $380, so take advantage of this amazing offer!

Hydrofarm’s Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller offers an innovative way to accurately maintain the carbon dioxide level in your grow room. Featuring a highly accurate digital CO2 sensor, this device measures the CO2 concentration and intelligently controls the operation of your CO2 device. You can either use it in Fuzzy Logic mode or standard logic for CO2 injection, depending on your needs.

In Fuzzy Logic mode, the controller’s built-in microprocessor handles all calculations for efficient CO2 level maintenance, eliminating any guesswork. Traditional controllers may simply keep injecting CO2 without adequate time for it to mix with the air – a method that could be costly and inefficient when using bottled CO2 tanks. But with Autopilot’s Fuzzy Logic, you have the assurance of precision and resourcefulness. (Please note: Do not use Fuzzy Logic mode with CO2 generators.)

This controller features a 15′ remote CO2 sensor with a built-in photocell. It also includes a built-in data logger that stores high and low readings for CO2 PPM. With these features, the Autopilot Digital CO2 controller ensures your plants grow in an optimal environment without any CO2 guesswork.

The package includes the CO2 sensor, offering you a complete setup for your hydroponic system.

Note: This product is being sold as-is. Please review all images and details carefully before purchasing. Enjoy a simple, affordable, and highly efficient solution to controlling CO2 with the Hydrofarm Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller!


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