Arduino Uno Prototype Expansion Shield Module Breadboard ProtoShield USA!


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Arduino Uno Prototype Expansion Shield Module Breadboard ProtoShield SYB-170 USA SHIP TODAY!




     This is a prototype shield the Arduino Uno.  This protoshield module sits right on top of your Arduino Uno.  It connects to the Arduino Uno I/O header and unlocks a world of possibilities for prototyping and creating.  It includes a main circuit board deck where components can be soldered directly.  Alternatively, you can affix the included 170 pin bread board to the circuit board and create a reusable prototyping surface.  The shield includes a reset button in addition to a second button which you can integrate into your project.  It also includes two LEDs that you can use at your discretion.  There are headers which provide pass-through to the Arduino I/O header, allowing for power connections, analog and digital input/output, as well as everything else you need.   





Input Voltage 5V DC
Applications Arduino
Interface Arduino Uno I/O Header
-10 to
+75 Degrees C
Length 70mm
Width 55mm
Height 20mm



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