Active Buzzer Module Alarm Piezo for Arduino PIC AVR 3.3V 5V USA – SHIP TODAY!


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Active Buzzer Module Alarm Driver for Arduino, PIC, AVR 3.3V 5V – US Shipping Today!


This active buzzer module features a buzzer and a 9012 triode on its board. When signal voltage is applied, the buzzer emits a high-pitched auditory tone, making it perfect for alarm or attention-grabbing applications. The module includes a 3-pin input header for Vcc, Ground, and signal. This module is ideal for use with Arduino or other microcontrollers, as you can connect Vcc and Ground to a power source and use the I/O line of your controller to activate the alarm with minimal current.


  • Primary Component: Buzzer
  • Input Voltage Range: 3.3V – 5V
  • Physical Interface: 3 Pin Header (Dupont)
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 Degrees C
  • Length: 32mm
  • Width: 13mm

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