Discover how to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to shape a prosperous future for the Foundational Black American community.

About the Book

In “Foundational Black American, How you can prepare yourself and your children for the Artificial Intelligence Age,” author (Your Name) guides readers through the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. Tailored to address the unique experiences of the FBA community, this compelling read offers insights on understanding AI, protecting personal and financial information from AI threats, preparing the next generation for the AI age, and building a supportive community for Black AI enthusiasts.

Excerpt from the Introduction

It was during a conversation with my 71-year-old father that it really hit home for me just how much of an impact AI is going to have in the coming months and years. As we spoke, I was astonished to find we quickly reached a shared understanding: The Artificial Intelligence Age (AIA), is going to be even more transformative than the advent of the internet.

The realization was profound, leading me on a journey of exploration and learning that has culminated in the creation of this book. As I dove deeper into the world of Artificial Intelligence, I found myself fascinated, thrilled, and often frightened by the potential of this technology. The possibilities are endless, but so are the risks and challenges.

But the most significant revelation for me was understanding that the AI revolution will not affect everyone equally. I realized that Foundational Black Americans (FBAs), a community I am proud to be a part of, like so many other areas of people activity, could be disproportionately affected if we don’t prepare adequately. This book is my attempt to bridge that gap.

In these pages, I aim to demystify AI and present it as it truly is – a tool. A tool that can be wielded for the betterment of our lives and our community, if we understand it and embrace it. It is my hope that this book serves as a guide, a starting point for FBAs, to navigate the exciting landscape of AI.

This book is a call to action. It’s a plea to my fellow FBAs to recognize the significance of the AI age and prepare for it. It’s a guide to help you navigate the AI landscape, secure your place in it, and even thrive in it.

Welcome to your journey into the world of AI. Let’s embrace the future, together.

About the Author

Mitchell Street is an entrepreneur, AI enthusiast, and the founder of Brain Wire, a company dedicated to fostering STEM education. With a strong belief in the transformative power of AI, Mitchell is committed to equipping the FBA community with the knowledge and skills to navigate and thrive in this new era.

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