About Brain Wire

The Story of Mitchell, the Maker and DIYer behind Brain Wire

Hi there! I’m Mitchell, the founder of Brain Wire, and I’d like to personally welcome you to our world of electronics, engineering, science, and technology. Brain Wire is more than just a business to me; it’s a way for me to share my lifelong passion for electronics and DIY projects with fellow enthusiasts like you.

I grew up in Michigan, where I spent my childhood tinkering with various projects, learning everything I could about electronic components, and exploring the world of do-it-yourself creations. Almost 20 years ago, I moved to Arizona and found my home in the beautiful Prescott area, where I’ve lived for over a decade.

Brain Wire was born out of my desire to provide high-quality curated components for electrical engineers, makers, and DIYers in a way that reflects my personal love for the field. Alongside my close friend of over 15 years, I have built this business from the ground up with a focus on exceptional customer service and genuine enthusiasm for what we do.

As a locally-owned business based in Prescott, Arizona, Brain Wire is proudly American, and we are committed to supporting our local community and the broader maker movement. We take great pride in being a part of your journey as you explore the endless possibilities of electronics and engineering.

So, whether you’re a seasoned electrical engineer, a dedicated maker, or a curious DIYer just starting your adventure, we’re here to provide you with the best components, resources, and support you need to bring your ideas to life.

Thank you for choosing Brain Wire, and happy creating!

Sincerely, Mitchell


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